What kind of shorts do you wear for volleyball ?

volleyball shorts

Panty lines may not be the only thing showing

Panty lines may not be the only thing showing! How are Your Skills?

Hi .I’m trying out for my high school volleyball ( grade 9 ) . I played last year for my 8th grade team and iI used to just wear sweat pants cut into Bermuda shorts. I have tryouts in 2 weeks and i need to know where i can find the right cheap volleyball shorts . Can i wear soffees ?

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  • Lindsay:

    their called spandex their really tight short shorts (google them) you really should wear these bcuz when girls just wear soffees or gym shorts when they go to jump or pass the ball their shorts come up thats y they make volleyball shorts so tight

  • eqaddix:

    This is a style and fashion question, not a volleyball question, thanks.

  • Jamie:

    SPANDEX!!! you need these kinds of shorts, the help you move a lot better! you can get them at target or walmart really cheap. good luck at try-outs

  • Trinaa;*:

    This is a volleyball question :) It relates to volleyball, so therefore, a volleyball question :p

    You are in high school now, correct? Your first year? Or is it your last year in middle school? Some schools are different, so i don’t know.

    Usually in high school you start wearing spandex; the tight, short pants. If you get the kind & brand that fit you perfect, they are actually quite comfortable. My friends think I’m crazy because they hate spandex, but I prefer those.

    another option is adidas loose fit shorts, they are just like baggy shorts, like basketball shorts. They are easy to move in.

    You could wear soffees. They are much more fashionable, and probably the closest thing to spandex if you don’t feel comfortable in them ;)

    just wear what you feel most comfortable in, but make sure it’s reasonable :)

    Don’t forget the deodorant!


  • ?All I wanna Do.?:

    Asic spandex dunhams,.


    I guess you can.
    But i wear compression shorts.
    You can get them at Academy.

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