Thong underwear?

thong underwear

Panty lines may not be the only thing showing

Panty lines may not be the only thing showing! How are Your Skills?

why do girls and woman like to wear hong underwear? Just wondering.

16 Responses to “Thong underwear?”

  • kayla rae !:

    there comfy,
    and cute,
    and they dont show the lines.


  • Give 'Em Hell, Kid:

    it is sexy

  • Lisa:

    I never tried wearing them, and I don’t plan on it. They look uncomfortable.

  • ..REBECCA..:

    they’re comfortable

  • Jenn:

    because you cant see the pantie lies if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress.

    I dont know why girls wear them with jeans. thats like. scrapping your butt against the denim.

  • Eleni.?:

    idk, guess its so you don’t get a vpl and also people think they’re "sexy" probably..

  • melhug5:

    idk i dont like them i think they are so uncomfy and their not sexy but ppl wear them with things so you have no undie lines

  • Sexyfunbytch:

    sexy, comfy ,cute ,dont show , not as costy

  • bloop!:

    they’re more comfortable, they don’t ride up and give you wedgies. and they don’t give you ugly pantyline and they come in cuter designs!

  • rheaRAPTURE:

    So there’s no visible panty line.

  • alimontic:

    Thongs and g-strings are definitely sexier, but they are also more comfortable to wear under clothing because there is less fabric and no visible panty lines. Boyshorts are fun to wear around the house… they make you feel cute and are super comfortable but still are really girly and feminine. Check out, they have the cutest panties (thongs and boyshorts… oh and bikinis!) … … they also have cute little playful sets and at very low prices!

  • Britney R:

    they are comfy and sexy

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