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Are 80's fitness fashion trends coming back?

thong back leotard

Panty lines may not be the only thing showing

Panty lines may not be the only thing showing! How are Your Skills?

OK, this is the second time this week I see someone at the gym wearing a thong leotard over leggings. And not some out dated Jane Fonda wannabe, either. Both times, young, 20-something little things. So that’s why I was wondering if the thong letards were coming back?

Now, before you all go ugggghhh, let me give you my opinion. I, for one, would welcome them back. What do we have for today’s workout wear? Low riding yoga pants that give you muffin top. As for tops, either you go oversized (not very flattering), or then any of the other current tops that don’t stay in place, needs to continuously be adjusted, or show too much.

So, why would I welcome the thong leotard back? As far as I can remember, it gave me KILLER legs and butt. It kept my stomach hidden. And yes, even though they wedged right up there, over leggings they were super comfortable and did not move.

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