can i wear a thong to go jogging?

hot spandex thongs

Panty lines may not be the only thing showing

Panty lines may not be the only thing showing! How are Your Skills?

i like to go exercise at the trail near my house every morning but since its summer it got hotter outside i live in pheonix and it gets to hot to jogg in my jogging pants so i would like to start jogging in just a spots bra and a thong becouse i think it would be more comfortable to jog in a thong than wearing spandex but i dont know if its allowed i dont mind if people see me in a thong i just dont want to get i trouble with the police

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  • R, P, then B:

    Not if you look like Borat!

  • Mr.LATiN:

    just make sure ur bu tt don’t eat it…

  • Nicole :D:

    yeah better not do that. i think you can get a ticket for indecent exposure.

  • Silent:

    Unless your overweight dont wear it

  • Dwight:

    See girls jogging in their thongs all the time. No one pays any attention to them. It’s no more revealing than most of what others wear. Wear what is comfortable for you. You can wear a full body suit if you want to or as little as you dare.

    It is likely that no one will notice or really care. Indeed, times have changed.

  • blueberry pie in your eye:

    if you want to be a magnet for rapists phsycos n serial killers i’d bring some mace or get a consealed weapon permit first. im all for it but i know most of my family would raise hell over anything that’s close to nudity

  • avatar 6806:

    Si lo que pretendes es tener a una jauría masculina detrás de ti a ver a que horas te cansas, estas en el camino correcto, ignoro los preceptos legales que contenga el reglamento de Phoenix, pero envíame una postal de tus salidas, te lo agradeceré siempre.
    besitos mama-cita sexy

  • Fairy de PR:


  • Henry:

    If it’s just near your house then I’m sure you could get away with it. Just don’t run past many houses in case they might see you.

  • Dan D:

    I suggest you first check with the local authorities. If the trail is inside a park, you need to check the park’s rules by going to their website or calling them (or going in person… just don’t wear it yey when doing so).

    If the trail is open, then you should find out with the city. If they don’t have a law against it (probably under indecent exposure) then it will be ok as long you understand that it could attract the wrong people and get you in trouble.

    Instead of using the thing, you could also opt for the boyshorts sports wear which are basically very small shorts. You can find them small enough that they will show some of your “back” if you know what I mean. If you use those, you will not get in trouble with anybody… but still watch out for perverts out there. Always go running in open areas and that have lots of people, or go with at least one or more friends to avoid any dangerous situation.

    Have fun… and sweat off some cholesterol… ;)

  • liz:

    Didn’t you ask this question before, and said that you lived in Houston.

  • James M:

    First try asking this question again on the Thong Wearers Message Board. It’s a board dedicated to people who wear thong swimsuits to the beach, lake or pool. Someone out of their 10,000 plus members will know the legal code in your town.

    Generally a female will get a lot less grief than a man in a thong would. You will get a lot of second looks and a few shouts of encouragement and approval, or disapproval by some red-neck or church women.

    In most places in the US buttocks are not considered to be nude or indecent but in some places in the US they are. So to tell if it is legal or not you need to consult your state, county and city laws on nudity or indecent exposure. I looked at the AZ statutes and it does not appear to ban nudity but I could be wrong, so ask again on the Thong Wearers Message Board to see if some Arizona natives can tell you the real scoop.

    You may also want to try some of the very light weight onion skin shorts made of very light fabric that’s almost transparent. You can find some very short, split leg versions which will feel like you are wearing nothing at all when you run. They are worn by runners in hot climates who have lots of self confidence. While I run down the beach in a thong I wear the onion skin shorts over the top for running on the road or sidewalks.

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